Four Steps to Take to Eliminate the Bad Smell in your Fridge

It takes hard work to identify, dispose of, and deal with a strange smell in your fridge.  This smell is caused by bacteria that thrive off organic matter and moisture that your fridge and freezer have in abundance. While refrigeration delays the growth of bacteria and the spoilage of food, the food can still break down over time and become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and yeast. That is why you must take steps to minimise bacterial growth and clean your freezer and fridge properly to eliminate odors and reduce future scents. Here are tips that any Les spécialistes de l’électroménager will want to suggest:

Empty Out the Fridge

This will allow you to take a good look at the contents of the fridge. If there is a persistent odor in the fridge, perform a thorough purge of possible bacteria-laden foods. Before you do this step, turn of the fridge and unplug it or turn the temperature to its warmest setting.

Check the Smell for Freshness

Begin checking potential suspects such as cooked food, leftovers, meat, seafood, milk, and overripe produce. When disposing of food, consider using use-by or sell-by dates but testing should be able to help you make the best guess based on peak food taste and quality. Food items such as canned foods, dried beans, and grains are capable of lasting well past their expiration date. As you test the smell, use your nose and eyes. Pungent smells, sourness, visible mold, and texture changes are signs of spoilage.

Clean the Fridge Thoroughly

Using baking soda, clean the fridge thoroughly. Do not use any kind of cleaner on a smelly refrigerator. Usually, dish soap comes with a fragrance that will mask food odors instead of eliminating them. Also, scented cleaning sprays can impact the food’s taste and smell. Thus, just use baking soda or a bacteria-killing bleach solution.

Clean the Freezer

The bad smell could come from the freezer so check and clean this part also. You may stick any leftover immediately in the freezer. However, when you store the food in the freezer for too long or the temperature is too cold, the food can collect freezer burn. Also, ice can absorb odors from the freezer and the fridge. Clear out any old food and ensure nothing is obstructing the freezer vent to allow for good air flow. Also, clean up the ice maker and ice tray since these are moisture-rich environments that can become a good breeding ground for bacteria.