How to Effectively Fish a Bass with a Topwater Popper

The topwater popper is a timeless bass lure. A lot of anglers catch their first topwater fish on a popper. These days, few anglers depend on poppers as merely situational baits. However, this is actually a serious mistake that anglers should not make. Poppers that you get from a specialist jigging and popping fishing tackle shop in Australia are lures that are effective post-spawn through the fall. They can be your key to catch bass in all sizes and numbers. If you are looking to take your popper fishing to the next level, consider the tips below:

Put the Poppers where the Fish Live

Landing a popper four feet away from your target will lead to far fewer strikes than landing it right next to it. You will need time to practice this but once you discover the trick, you will enjoy the reward. For more effectiveness, practice underhand pitches and roll casts so you can present a popper perfectly to shallow targets.

Experiment with Various Retrieves

As you throw a unique popper, you may drift away and fish a whole stretch of bank on one retrieve. But, you should try to avoid doing this and focus on experimenting with different retrieves. Keep in mind that bass tends to respond differently to different popper cadences.

The catching more bass is to get a cadence with your topwater lure and stay with it. Although you can stick to the twitch-twitch-pause staple, you can use any technique you need, believing that a bass is watching your lure. The bass gets agitated with every moment. Letting your bait sits makes the bass’ blood boil. When you move it, your target will be triggered and will continue to fight. Determine the cadence that angers your target so you can get more fish.

Avoid Putting your Poppers Down

You will need to throw a popper to catch a bass and putting the popper down must be avoided at all costs. Remember that poppers can be deadly all day so make sure you have one on your deck that you can use when you find a good spot such as a dock, shade line, or stump. This makes it possible for you to catch a bass no matter how hot or busy your day gets.

Fishing for a bass is fun, especially if you boat some huge bass when the lake cools off and the fish begins to chase your bait. Once it cools into fall, you can run the banks again and you can find your target again with a topwater popper.