How to Find the Perfect Heels

Heeled or platform shoes are one of the most stylish shoes that bring out the style as well as the charisma out of any woman. From thick low platforms to high heels, it’s important to choose your next heels wisely to express your appeal as well as authority, being a modern woman.

Platform Heels

Platform Shoes usually come with thick soles or platforms. It could be sandals or boots depending on your style statement, but the length doesn’t usually exceed more than 3 inches. Platform shoes suit best housewives or other ladies who are already past their 50’s & don’t want to go all bold all of sudden. Where high or pencil heels may seem to be too strong to flaunt, low-heeld womens platform shoes fit well with a decent dress. Whether you want to get ready for a house party or off to a social gathering, low platform shoes could be an ideal choice for you and your girlfriends.

Pumps or Kitten Heels

Often being referred to as pumps or kitten heels, these are the shoes that are designed for sober ladies around. Not only does it look good with almost any dress but the charm it carries can well be appealing to a gentleman without being too cocky. Most of the pump heels are half-covered with a low-cut front and a small kitten heel on the back. In layman’s terms, shoes pumps heels are being simply called low-heeled shoes for someone who finds solace in lucidity. So, if you’re among one of them, you can give these pairs a try to brush up your style and even to invigorate it.

High-Heeled Shoes

high-Heels are referred to as platforms that may usually be 3 inches and can go up to more than 5 inches. Shoes with high-heels might not usually be worn by all the women, those who want to flaunt their authority and dominance can certainly go bold with a pair of high-heeled shoes. Irrespective of your age, as long as you can carry the style seamlessly without hurting yourself, the fashion knows no boundary. Stilettos are the type of high-heels well-recognized for their pencil shapes and tall platforms. They might come with ankle straps, but generally, ladies prefer it without a strap, just like a modern tyrant.

Chunky Heels

Here come the ever-popular chunky heels with square-shaped heels below the ankle forming a wider base for added comfort. These kinds of books are designed for relatively peaceful walking than other high-heeled shoes like Stilettos. Chunky heels can provide more stability below the base of the shoes resulting in added comfort and walkability. So, if you want to have high heels for confident walking among the socialites, consider wearing chunky heels.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homemaker or an active working woman who’s on a quest to find her perfect pair of shoes: heels are everyone who wants to dress soberly or in a glorious way. From fashion aficionados to the girl next to you with an awful sense of fashion, only a few can resist the excitement to be in a pair of heels in a lifetime.