Interested In Snorkeling And Diving? You Need An Underwater Camera!

Adventure junkies often have a thing about underwater activities. Snorkeling, deep-sea diving and scuba diving were previously considered as niche activities, but not anymore. Now, more and more people are interested in taking their first dive. Expectedly, you would need a few accessories and gear as you progress, and one of the important inclusions is an underwater camera.

The need for an underwater camera

Underwater photography is a hobby and passion of most divers. The calmness and beauty underneath the water’s surface is beyond words, and marine life is unexpectedly diverse. An underwater camera allows you to capture everything, from frame to frame. Professionals usually mirrorless or DSLR camera setups to capture amazing pictures and video footage, but if you are new to diving or prefer something simple and easy, you would need a compact camera that’s easy to use. Compact underwater cameras are high on demand, and unlike what it was a few years back, there are no compromises on features and performance either.

Using a compact model

Many brands have pioneered amazing features in compact underwater cameras, so doing some homework may come handy. In recent years, features like auto-record have changed things considerably. Such a feature allows the camera to capture video instantly when the diver is at a certain depth, and the recording would stop as per the settings, ensuring that the user doesn’t have to deal with unwanted or boring footage. Electronic Image Stabilization is another thing on the block, which offers buoyancy control and ensures that the videos are as smooth as possible. The best compact cameras also boast of great wide angle, which helps in capturing almost everything that the eyes can see.

No more need for filters

Gone are times when underwater cameras required changing filters. When you take images and videos underneath the water surface, the blue or green tint can ruin the actual color scheme, and it may take hours for color grading. With great features like Depth-controlled Color Correction and White Balance, you can get bright recordings without using any filters. Every camera has an autofocus option or feature, which may come handy while taking images in low light.

Things to note

Today, diving and underwater cameras are more versatile than ever before. You have to check a few options before taking a call. Keep in mind that underwater photography has a few basic challenges. Some fishes move very fast, while in some corners of the ocean, there are too many suspended particles that may prevent taking great pictures and videos. You need a camera that can stand the test of time, is easy to use and offers the best possible video resolution. While most random options would offer recording in 720p, invest in one that can record in 4k. Also, consider the battery life of the camera, which should be at least 2 hours for high resolution recording.

With the right underwater camera, your dives would be more exciting and you will have more amazing stuff to share!