Some Rules That You Need to Follow While Giving Corporate Gifts?

Gifting is a way of expressing your feeling towards a person or an organization. Companies often tend to gift their employees, clients, customers, contractors, vendors, partners and all other people associated with them. This ensures a better relationship with their associates leading to a successful business. However, do you know that there are some “must know” rules that everyone has to follow when considering a gift?

Corporate gifts – how are they different?

Corporate gifts are the gestures given from one business or business associate to another business or associate to establish a better relationship between them. They can be gift certificates, donations, or gift baskets. They are different from normal gifts because of corporate ethics that come into play while selecting a gift.

Moreover, many companies have their own policies regarding receiving and giving gifts.

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Ever heard of corporate gift policy?

Yes, every individual company have their own policy regarding corporate gifting. The gifts are personalized as per different persons as per the gifting boundaries, and many companies have banned the process altogether. Moreover, some organization does not disclose the situation, fearing to get exposed to accepting a bribe of some sort, whereas some business simply limits the value of gifting to avoid such cases.

The right time and right gift!

Remember, never offer a gift during a bidding process, even if any holiday is near. It can be seen as a bribe. It is really important to save your gift from being perceived as a gift intended to persuade or dissuaded. Moreover, do not gift if the business is in still negotiation with you and avoid expensive gifts too.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a gift

  1. Company’s policy
  2. Consider your clients’ interest
  3. Cost of the gift – don’t go for too expensive or too cheap gifts.
  4. Company’s logo – should you print it or not? Make sure the item meets the standard of the company and your logo don’t look like a blatant advertisement.
  5. The right gift
  6. Is the gift humorous?
  7. Why not donation?
  8. How is the presentation?
  9. Group gifts!
  10. Always keep your target in your mind
  11. Be cautious while exchanging gifts
  12. Do everyone agree with your decision
  13. Do you have to gift your boss?
  1. 14.What if you want to gift few not everyone?
  2. Remember to say thank you at the end!