What Clothes does a New-Born Need: 10 Most Necessary Things

Excessive choice of children’s clothing puts parents in front of a difficult decision: what clothes the child really needs, and which of the presented positions – impractical and non-functional.
To rationally prepare for the arrival of the baby, but consider all the little things, experts offer a list of things that a new-born needs for the first time.

A list of things for a child from the first days of birth

The height of the new-born is usually 49-55 cm, and during the first weeks increases sharply. The initial set of things should be well thought out: it makes no sense to spend too much and buy collections of toddler boy clothes and sliders of all possible models and colours.
The basic baby wardrobe consists of the following things:

  1. Body – A T-shirt, tightly fitting the body, with a clasp between the legs. There are variations with short and long sleeves, light and warm – depending on the season. Body is practical and comfortable for a child; thanks to the clasp, they sit well and do not fall off when crawling. Due to the high probability of contamination, it is recommended to buy a pair of bodysuits per shift.
  2. Shirts – blouses with fasteners or ties, used for swaddling. As swaddling has become less common, this item of clothing has recently been in moderate demand.
  3. Rompers – a combination of the two positions listed above. Clothing that covers all parts of the baby’s body, protecting it from damage, dirt on the skin. The romper is an integral part, so if the child gets wet or dirty, he will have to completely change clothes. For such cases, you need to have a couple to change.
  4. Sliders – pants with completely closed feet and fasteners on the shoulders. When the child is in the sliders, there is no need to wear socks. However, some parents note that babies are uncomfortable crawling in them. So, before you buy sliders of different sizes, take one and watch the baby.
  5. Blouses with fasteners – easy and quick to put on, they are usually used in between diapers. New-borns may vomit after feeding, so you should buy a few blouses to replace.
  6. Anti – scratches are an important element that is often neglected. During the first months, the baby actively waves the handles, lying on his back, because of which he can touch and scratch himself. To avoid this, you can use special anti-scratch – a kind of mittens without a cut for the thumb.
  7. A sleeping bag is a thing that will come in handy for sleep. It is a kind of foot bag – sliders without legs.
  8. Slipper – a detail that will help keep almost all of the above items of clothing clean a little longer.
  9. Hats and caps – in addition to protecting against hypothermia, perform another important function. In the first months, the head is the most vulnerable place for the baby, because during this period the forehead has not yet overgrown. Therefore, a hat reduces the risk of injury.
  10. Socks and booties – babies just a few pairs. Socks can be worn at home if the child is without sliders. Booties are a full-fledged replacement for outdoor shoes.

When choosing cute baby clothes for a new-born, it is important to choose one that does not restrict his movements. This is very important in the initial stages, because the wrong or uncomfortable state of the body can lead to incorrect and asymmetric development.