Every man is faced with the dilemma of the t-shirt under his shirt when he has to comply with the canons of masculine elegance, combining style with practicality. Even if the rules of elegance forbid it, it is sometimes necessary to have recourse to it. Our fashion experts will enlighten you on the issue once and for all so that you can avoid fashion faux-pas!

Why wear a tank top or a t-shirt under a shirt? 

From the moment you put on a t-shirt or men’s tank tops under your shirt, you have to know that we are talking about utility and not style! First of all, this extra layer will take care of hiding the transparency of some white, blue and pink shirts.

Second, by providing an extra dose of heat, it is very useful during the winter period. You can also put on long-sleeved men’s casual shirts.

It helps prevent skin irritation and protects your shirt from potential odours and perspiration stains. Thanks to its absorption capacity, the T-shirt or the tank top offers you the possibility of sprinting before arriving at work while sporting an impeccable style.

The underwear will also extend the life of the shirts. Not being in direct contact with the skin, they stay clean longer, are washed less regularly, so they wear out less quickly, logical!

 The benefits of a t-shirt under a shirt

The advantage of the t-shirt under the shirt is that you can leave your shirt open. Be careful, the shirts that are worn in this way are casual shirts: flannel, velvet, chambray. In this case, you should always select a round-neck t-shirt that will be in the same tones as the rest of the outfit.

For formal shirts buttoned to the top, the crew neck is required and the V-neck with flat seams is preferred if the first two buttons are unbuttoned.

The worst styling mistake would be for the t-shirt to be visible or for the lines to appear under your shirt. The Americans are the specialists! So, when it comes to size, make sure it is snug, not too thick and has small armholes, otherwise you may be constrained in your movements. On the other hand, layering will have the power to make you look more muscular so if you want to cheat a bit, you know what you have to do!

Tank top under a shirt 

The tank top is the second undergarment intended to be worn under a shirt. It also holds the breath but less than the t-shirt because of its lightness and the absence of sleeves. When it is tight, the tank top allows the shirt to rest perfectly on the body: folds are avoided, the fit is ideal and the look is refined.

The right colour to wear under a shirt 

The first rule is to make sure that the T-shirt is not visible, but the contrast of white with your skin will inevitably be obvious. Also avoid black or printed t-shirts. The colour of the t-shirt should be as close as possible to your skin tone, so for fair skin tones, you should favour light grey or beige (admittedly a little more difficult to find) while brown, dark grey or black will be more suitable for dark skin tones. The other disadvantage of the white t-shirt is that it will wear out faster, especially because of perspiration stains. Of course, if it is a dark shirt, you are free to wear the colour of your choice!