Every man is faced with the dilemma of the t-shirt under his shirt when he has to comply with the canons of masculine elegance, combining style with practicality. Even if the rules of elegance forbid it, it is sometimes necessary to have recourse to it. Our fashion experts will enlighten you on the issue once and for […]


Buddhist Spiritual Jewelry – A Spiritual Pendant To Look For

Buddhism is all about love and serenity. People turn towards this religious faith if they are having mental instability and want to find inner peace within themselves. Buddhism preaches people how to love others and most importantly, how to love yourself to find the peace that’s been missing out of your life. It is important […]


Why minimalist shoes are the best to wear?

Minimalist shoes are the recent invention that came into the picture once people realized that moving or walking barefoot is a much better and healthier option for the human body. The natural movement of the shoes is permitted with the minimalist shoes that lower the pressure on the legs and feet and help in preventing […]