Regardless of where you wear it, Jewelry remains a timeless and essential way to accessorize your style. If you are a jewelry fan, grillz are something you might be interested in. Sometimes back, Grillz were popular among famous and rich Hollywood rappers, but now things have changed. Grillz, also known as fronts, have quickly become a fashion trend. You can buy yourself some gold or silver grillz to update your jewelry collection.

But there are many types of teeth grillz out there, from cheap ones to costly ones. Before you spend thousands of dollars on teeth grillz, here are some considerations.

Grillz material

You will encounter different types of grillz at supreme jewelers with different prices, quality, and looks. By knowing the different types of grillz, you will be better placed to make an informed choice.

Metallic grillz

These include grillz made from different precious metals in their purest forms. The commonly used ones are pure gold and silver. Your taste, budget, and preferences should inform the choice of the material. Original gold grillz come at a premium price, but the gold-coated ones come at an affordable price.

Diamond plated

Diamond plated grillz are popular with rappers and Hollywood stars and are usually coated with diamonds to add some flavor to them. There are different clarity options for grillz, including vvs diamond grillz that give the best shine.

Signature grillz

These are popular with rich hip-hop artists and are relatively expensive.

Premade vs. custom

Grillz are further categorized into premade vs. custom. Also, you may decide to get permanent or temporary ones depending on your needs. Usually, permanent grillz involve a major dental procedure which can be quite costly.

Premade grillz

Premade grillz are available in various sizes and shapes since they are not designed with a particular set of teeth in mind, making them more affordable than the custom ones.

Custom Grillz

Having custom grillz means that the set is specifically designed for your teeth in size, shape, and preferences. Since they are customized to your teeth, vvs custom grillz give a better appearance and fit well into your teeth. However, they can be more expensive than the premade ones.

Quality of the grillz

Another critical consideration when buying Grillz is the quality. Many people end up with poor quality grillz because they do not perform their due diligence when purchasing. It can be hard to tell between genuine and fake grillz, so you should be very careful.

You can consult someone who knows how to distinguish between genuine and fake metals or diamonds. Alternatively, shopping from a reputable jeweler is an excellent way to avoid falling into a trap.


Last but not least, consider your budget. The trendy and high-quality grillz you see out there are investments, so you should be ready to cough out the money to buy them. Luckily you can shop around to get the best deals as long as you do not compromise on the quality.

The takeaway

Research extensively and buy your grillz from a reputable jeweler.