Websites to Purchase Amazing Lightsabers

Lightsabers, often known as laser swords, gained popularity after appearing as an energy weapon in the Star Wars movie. A standard lightsaber Like the kylo ren lightsaber is three feet long and comprises a metal hilt with a blade that emits a powerful light beam.

If you’re a fan of the lightsaber, you’ll want to look at the personalized lightsabers below to see where you can acquire your own.

Park sabers

The company makes personalized lightsabers inspired by those seen in movies. Phase sabers are available in two different styles from Park Sabers. One uses maximum power, while the other uses The Phase Saber software, which flashes the blade at a frequency just above the maximum rate at which the naked eye can differentiate pictures.

Whenever the blade is shifted, a person’s eye will see both the current and prior blade positions. The Phase blades have a moisture-activated resistance switch that completes a latching electronic circuit using the moisture in your hand. You must softly brush the Force Touch circuit board to utilize and control it.

Genesis custom sabers

Rob Petkau has been a devoted saber smith for nearly two decades and chose to create his own business to pursue his passion full-time. Petkau can design any lightsaber for you for a very high price, but he also has several reasonably priced lightsabers, starting at around $600.

This website has a wide selection of lightsabers from which to select, but it also allows you to customize your own entirely. The company provides empty “Saberz” that can be customized with your electronics.

After purchasing one of the company’s Sabers, you can tweak and personalize it or even recreate it, utilizing replaceable parts such as pommels, emitters, shrouds, and accessories.

Saber forge

This corporation’s primary storefront is near Portland, Oregon; however, you can acquire any of its lightsabers online. Saber Forge develops sabers that are combat-ready. “Our sabers can resist rigorous battling, even against kendo bookends,” per the organization’s website. Their wayward son, redeemer, and exhausted crystal unveil are the only exceptions. They’re not battling sabers; they’re high-quality replica show props.

Spectrum sabers

Electrum Sabers is a company that creates bespoke lightsabers that are entirely handcrafted in Canada. They are a new firm, but they are quickly gaining recognition. This is due to the fact that Electrum Sabers produces high-quality sabers.

They’re also pushing the limits of lightsaber technology. They have certain avant-garde elements. Connectivity to cell phones is one of them.

When you purchase an Electrum Smart saber, you may utilize your phone to personalize your lightsaber. You may alter the color, sound, and effects of your lightsaber from your phone by downloading their app.

Patch store

If you’ve never owned a lightsaber before, the price labels may be confusing. Because most good lightsabers are relatively expensive, some individuals choose to shun them. This is the company to go with if you want the greatest lightsabers for the money.

At their price level, the quality of their work is truly remarkable. Lights, music, and effects are substantially cheaper here than elsewhere.