How to Make Your Eyes Pop: Luscious Lashes

Luscious lashes give eyes that pop of glam a girl needs for a night out! While lash extensions are readily available, good old-fashioned strip lashes are still a great beauty go-to for us gals who only want added lash drama on certain nights. Finding the perfect lashes and applying them just right can be tricky but us beauty gurus are here to help! Read on for tips and tricks to get those baby blues (or blacks, or greens, or browns..) to stand out. Stop hiding your lovely lashes behind designer Tom Ford sunglasses and show them off!

Size does matter

Finding the right length of lashes for your eyes is important! Too long or too short strips will make your eyes appear sloppy. The key is to hold the lashes against your upper eyelid. You want them to start about a quarter inch from your inner eye – and no longer! Use a small pair of scissors to snip any extra length from the outer corners.

Start natural

While there are tons of extremely dramatic lash strips available, we advise starting off with a relatively natural looking pair. More dramatic lashes tend to be heavier and take some getting used to. So start natural and work your way up to that bold dramatic look so you can handle them like a lash pro

Patience, patience, patience

Applying lashes takes time and practice. If it’s your first time putting them on, give yourself plenty of time before heading out to get the hang of it. Use tweezers to spread a thin layer of glue over the lashes and place them firmly on your upper lash line as closely to your natural lashes as possible (without overlapping them though!) And fear not: what may look like a white hot mess at first will dry clear. We love going over our lash line with eyeliner after the glue has dried to give eyes a polished and seamless look.

Curl away

To blend natural lashes and fake lashes together, carefully use an eyelash curler after your glue has dried. (We can’t stress the after part enough – you don’t want to tear off your freshly applied lashes with the curler!) Strip lashes tend to be curled more than natural lashes, so this ensures they all look the same – flawless!

Avoid mascara

With applied lashes, your peepers won’t need any mascara. Adding mascara on top tends to make them look globby and gunky. Also, skipping mascara keeps falsies looking thin and wispy – much like your natural lashes. Voila!