Quick Review: Pros And Cons Of Wix Website Builder For Ecommerce!

Website builders for ecommerce sites have to be a lot more flexible and user-oriented than the ones meant for regular websites. Time and again, Wix has been rated among the best website builders out there, but how does it fare for ecommerce? In this post, we are reviewing Wix website builder for ecommerce, with a quick look at the pros and cons.

A basic overview

Wix has over 110 million users in close to 190 countries, and it is easy to guess why it has been named among the best website builder. That said, it doesn’t undermine the ecommerce functionality of the platform. While Wix still works better for basic blogs, websites and online portals, it does offer ecommerce options, and you will find the choices enough for building and creating basic sites. It is also useful for creating websites in multiple languages. What also works in favor of this site builder is the interface. It is undoubtedly the best one out there as far as ease-of-use is concerned.

The good and bad

As an ecommerce site builder, Wix has some great design options, and you will find enough ideas and features to create a small to medium scale website. It also has amazing pricing plans, which don’t have to cost a bomb, and yes, you get the best-in-industry tech support. Wix has its own customer support team that’s accessible around the clock. Wix is also improving consistently, so you can only expect to get more features in days to come.

On the other side, Wix is not as comprehensive as Shopify as a site builder. You cannot change the template of your online store once you have selected it, so the first choice must be made carefully. Changing the website theme/template would mean creating a new one. Analytics and reporting provided by Wix is not up to the mark either. It doesn’t have the choice of abandoned cart recovery.

Should you consider Wix for ecommerce?

Well, it depends. If you plan to launch a basic ecommerce site with limited products and are not need of extensive features, Wix should suffice. However, for more complicated sites and online stores, you may do better with options like Shopify or even BigCommerce. Do your homework well and compare all your choices before you look for website builder for a website that’s being made to sell products and services.

Wix is adequate for sure, and there are chances that the platform will get better for ecommerce.